“Breakthroughs with Jonathan”


See below to reserve your spot for upcoming Energy Workshops...(there are currently no tickets available for 2015)

This is a very intense workshop designed specifically for those who know there is more to life than what meets the eye….. 

Workshops will consist of:  (6) six hours of intense teaching, followed by a (2) hour Mediumship session. (class participation will be strongly encouraged)

1st  session:  9am – 12pm

2nd session:  1pm – 4pm

3rd session:  4pm – 6pm  (A special Medium Session, where I will connect people in the class with their loved ones and friends on the Other Side

*Want to truly understand why things happen in your life?

Join me as we navigate through the different realms of metaphysics, touching upon various aspects that (when combined), can help to unlock the true power of your own energy.  Learn to reverse unwanted programming and conditioning.

*Would you like to learn how to be more aware of your energetic surroundings?

*Do you feel like your effected by other people's negative energy?

*have you ever wondered if evil actually exists?

If the answers to these questions are yes, then this class is for you! Make this happen and realize that your life can be what you make of it. There are no rules! Take charge and make a choice to grow energetically while learning to recognize the symbols and signs the Universe is sending YOU on a daily basis.

When positive….the study of energy can enhance your psychic abilities, catapult your career, make your relationships stronger and give you the edge you need when raising your family.

Whether it is knowing when to make positive changes in your life or simply how to avoid negative ones, having a centered and balanced energy can be as crucial to living… as… breathing.

Using the tools available to us through:





*Rune Casting

*Psychic Self Defense &

*Psychic Awareness

I will help you to move forward in your life with the confidence of knowing you are armed and ready for whatever comes your way. Learn to appreciate the Positive energy in your life while strategically avoiding the negative blocks put in your path........Breakthrough!!

Tickets to this seminar are currently $350.00 which includes all (3) sessions.  Secure your attendance by clicking the tabs below.  New workshops will be posted as they are scheduled.