Just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the awesome reading last Thursday night in Detroit. I am forever grateful for the info you delivered to me and my family. I know our beautiful son, Michael (we call Scott), is near and looking out for us. You lifted me up from a very dark sad place and I now look forward to living again. Thank you for sharing your gift. God Bless you and your family. You are a fantastic medium and a wonderful person. Take Care!

- Sally, Detroit MI

Hi Jonathan! I know you probably don’t have time to respond to all the emails you receive but I just wanted to let you know that I cant believe that it's been almost a year since I had a reading from you and things that didn't make sense to me then are know making sense. Things have happened and are continuing to happen that were mentioned in your reading. Your amazing and I hope I can come see you in Tampa.

- Onna, Tampa FL

Jonathan, Thank you so much for the reading this morning. It was so great to connect with my dad, and grandmother. You’re a wonderful person with an amazing gift. Thankyou for sharing your light with me. I still haven't place 14 yet but in due time I am sure I will.
 Sending you Angel Hugs for you and your Family.

- Susan, Ontario CA

I saw you a few years back at a large seminar with John Edwards. It was amazing. I took your info and had a phone reading. That was even more amazing! it helped me to grieve and be happier. Also u mentioned a blonde boy would be in my life soon. I ( WE AS IN MY RECENTLY DECEASED HUSBAND) became grandparents 9 months later very unexpectedly to a beautiful baby boy. he just turned 2 he is blonde and beautiful. thank you for your amazing reading

- Carolyn, FL

You have a gift from God... I went to see you at the Hilton, Ft Lauderdale this past 18 February, 2011. You are a very special person....

- Velma, Ft Lauderdale FL

have seen you in Syracuse twice. That being said, the last reading I got from you was to let up on the control of my son. Well, I have and he and I are doing much better! Thank you so much. Also, he is getting ready to graduate from HS and was accepted at the colleges of his choice. Now the decision making. All his, I promise! Thank you so much again!!

- Denise, Syracuse NY

I want to thank you for sharing your abilities & gift with the world so others can learn & grow & heal. It is very selfless & giving of you to offer your time & life to spread a beautiful message of eternal love to those who need help seeing it exists. It does not go unappreciated. I wish to thank you for taking a few moments at the end of a small group reading w/ John Edward & yourself to allow the audience to ask you anything. I did not get a reading that day but my husband did. You actually took time at the end to try to get a connection or feeling for me from my beloved relatives. It was quik but you did get a short connection and I was thankful to know that my loved one was open to communicating through you to be there for me. It was uplifting and I thank you! Thank you a thousand times for sharing yourself with so many others.

- Karen, VA

Hi Jonathan, My name is Mary and you did a reading for me today on the radio - 93Q- The Ted and Amy Show in Syracuse, NY. I just wanted to Thank You for an amazing experience by connecting with my husband for me. You were able to give me some peace and satisfaction knowing my husband is Happy and is still looking out for me. You absolultely amazed me!and you were right on with what you told me, there is no other way you could have known the things you were saying to me, other than by true connections to those who have passed. Since my husband and I didn't get a chance to say good-bye to each other, I feel like this was a true blessing that I had the opportunity to have you connect with him for me. Best Regards and Hugs.

- Mary, Syracuse NY

So happy I was able to attend your show at the Quality Inn in Wilkes-Barre, PA ~ You are amazing and my daughter and I were very impressed with how much detail came through from my mother and husband who both have passed. I wish you well in your quest to help others.

- Diane, Wilkes~Barre PA

Thank you for the reading with my father John and my love Michael. I'm so glad I made it through without crying all over the place. You seemed to know just when to change the focus. I loved the clue about Michael 's favorite aunt Gerry. They must be having such fun. I'm still thinking about all the other clues. Thanks again!

- Linda, CA

Dear Jonathan,
My sisters and I want to thank you for listening to our Mom tonight in Syracuse. She was an incredible woman indeed as you probably experienced. You reference so much that only my Mom would have known and every bit of it made absolute sense. I wanted to let you know that we think we figured out the young man separation/divorce issue. Over the past two days our son Ryan has decided to completely separate himself from us and our family. We are not absolutely certain what has happened but it?s pretty horrible. My heart is broken in a million pieces and my mom knows it. If we had figured it out she may have given me some advice. However, there were a few times this evening when talking to others that you mentioned letting it go, and let them figure it out. Perhaps that was for me also.

I just wanted to say thank you so very for using your gift to enrich the lives of others.

- God bless,

Debra, Camden NY

Went to see Jonathan Louis… Unbelievable .... If you have the chance and are open to the possibilities ... No words can describe!!

- Maribeth, Fayetteville NY

I have actually been read by Jonathan 3 times in small group events in California. The first one brought me healing from my dad. He came through to tell me he was sorry for physically abusing me as a kid and teen and for mentally abusing me as an adult, which he refused to do when he was alive. Since then, my dad has come through with my mother giving me great comfort, peace, and healing. Thank you Jonathan.

- Bridget, CA

Jonathan read me 8 months after my husband passed away unexpectedly. Everything Jonathan said was right on the money. He told me things that ONLY my husband knew. Afterwards I felt a big weight off my shoulders and for the first time since his death I slept. Again I saw Jonathan at an Event in Ft Lauderdale, my husband came through. Can wait for Jonathan to come back Dec 14. He is amazing and again Thank You Jonathan.

- Jane, Ft Lauderdale FL

I have had two readings by Jonathan. Both times, it took him about 30 seconds to tap into my energy and my life path. His comments and suggestions are right ON! Sometimes he will say something that is clearly in the future for me like "Congratulations on your new job!" and other times he will say things that are so current. My favorite part are the question and answer segment. Jonathan can really help you make a decision or understand why something is happening. He says the universe will keep "sending" you the same message over and over until we get it. There is no other psychic that I have been to that is as gifted or intuitive as Jonathan. Can't wait to see him in person next time :)

- Pamela, Greenwich, CT

I have had two readings by Jonathan in Monterey, Ca. The first time, he was working with a man sitting in front of me and said "Did you hit someone with a baseball bat?". The man said no and he stayed with him for a few minutes but the question kept coming.

Finally, I raised my hand and said "could this be for me? I hit my brother in the head with a baseball bat when we were kids" and on we went from there. There were many validating facts that came up but the most significant was "Debbie still has my letter". Debbie has been my best friend for 30 years and was also engages to my brother (Scott) many years ago. She had just been showing me the letters that week. No one else knew.

The next time, we were nearing the end of the session and I hadn't been read yet. I had a little chat in my mind with my brother and said "If you can hear me, please tell him to mention the bat.". Jonathan was in the middle of reading someone else and said "someone really wants me to ask this question right now: who hit someone in the head with a baseball bat?". Enough said. Thanks to Jonathan, I have no doubts.

- Lori, Monterey CA

Jonathan read me, and I was pleasantly surprised by him and his abilities. Not only did he know things that no one else would be able to derive from just going through electronic means......he knew things about our family that even I had forgotten about until after the reading. All the sudden it ALL made sense to me. He was enjoyable to listen to. He is a true artist in his own realm. I would do it again in a second. If I get a chance to see him I will jump at it.

- Angel, Marquette, Michigan

It was the thrill of a lifetime when Jonathan read me last year in Baton Rouge. I wanted so badly to hear from my husband, and I absolutely did! Jonathan brought through my husband's personality to a T, and told me so many things that I knew had to come from him. My daughter and two closest friends were there, and they, too received messages. We were all blown away and so delighted by this wonderful experience. I hope to see Jonathan again some day....in fact, I know I will!...

- Lisa, Baton Rouge LA

My husband and I met Jonathan Louis in person on Long Island. Jonathan reads "empathetically" (through his feelings) and does a wonderful job. We were met at the door with enthusiasm and anxiety on both sides. Jonathan was able to relay so many messages that we both needed to hear. We walked away from this session, feeling as if we had just had almost an hour long session talk with our son Brian, because WE DID. The following morning Jonathan called us at our hotel to tell us, that our son told him to call us and "correct something he had 'incorrectly relayed' to us for clarity purposes !! lol. Amazing, heartfelt, emotional, grateful and true love were emotions that Jonathan gave to us that day. Jonathan is a wonderful teacher and man of God. About once a year I have "psychic reading" from Jonathan, to see what is going on in my life and the way I am handling things. Jonathan has taught me that the decisions we make in our live can alter our life path. I don't need a psychic or psychic medium to communicate with my son or other family members whom have crossed. I simply look for "the signs, that I like to call "Godwinks or Glimpses of God". Ways that they let us know they are so present in our life. Jonathan taught me how to truly feel our son's SOUL... WOW... what a gift Jonathan. You truly are a treasure in our lives. We are so proud to have had the pleasure to have met you and cannot sing your praises enough for the wonderful gifts you have given us. God Bless You and everyone.... GO SEE JONATHAN !!! Jonathan... you need something in the Carolina's

- Lorraine, Greenville SC

I attended one of Jonathan's small groups as a skeptic, but I wanted this communication to be real. I lost my husband to suicide and I was having a horrible time getting over the trauma, the loss, the guilt, the anger, the love lost, the absence. My husband came through and EVERYTHING Jonathan talked about was absolute validation my husband was giving him the information. I left that night convinced that this was for real. It should have been enough, but I had already put my name down for a private reading, but then I got THE CALL and I couldn't resist and booked. I had friends on Long Island, so off I went to NY, plus this is the area where my husband had once lived and I needed to feel that connection. Again, Jonathan gave me information that helped the healing process, plus I had an amazing week on Long Island and a weekend in NYC, but the purpose and highlight was the private reading. Jonathan thank you for helping me get through the worst time in my life. After 3 years I'm finally not crying every day. It's easier to talk about it and most of all I am in a different place. I know me staying in pain was not helping him move on. I know he's with me and I can talk to him any time I need to. Thank you Jonathan.

- Debbra, Dallas, TX

I had a private reading with Jonathan a few weeks ago. My reading was incredible! The information flowed nonstop and Jonathan brought my Mom and Dad through, along with my precious Lab. I took notes the entire time and I was able to verify more than 50 facts he brought up through my Mom and Dad. At times this information took my breath away - I was stunned by the accuracy and the topics mentioned.

If anyone feels the need for a reading and has the means, book Jonathan right now! I cannot imagine having a better, more satisfying reading with anyone else. This reading has helped me tremendously. It has also helped my sisters and other relatives. Thank you, Jonathan - you have a very special gift!

- Donna, Dublin CA

Thank you for the AMAZING reading yesterday. I've never had a reading like that before...I was able to pass on some of the information that you gave me...and it was received with tears of joy!!! You made my day twice this week...we had a laugh about the (bull)

- Mary, Sherman Oaks CA

I was read by Jonathan about a year and a half ago. I lost my 16 year old daughter to the birth control pill that she was on a little over a month. I tried so hard to get a reading with John Edwards (he was the only one I would believe), but he was booked for months. John Edwards office reccommened Jonathan to me. I went with 3 other family members for a 45 minute reading. I went with a totally closed mind (I was still in shock). Theresa Toxiicc came through my sister in the reading. Jonathan knew nothing about us except our first names. When he realized I lost my daughter, he spent the whole time on her. He started by telling me something that I ONLY shared with my ex husband and my daughter. When he said this to me my sisters mouth fell to the floor cause she did not know about it. Everything he said to me about Theresa was right on the mark. He even told me she died from a clot in her leg caused by medicine. At the end of the reading he told me Theresa said to "Peace Out", she told me that everynight before bed. I needed to know so bad that there was a afterlife and Jonathan gave me that belief. I no longer believe in God, but because of Jonathan I know there is something beyond this earth. I have been trying to decide if I should go back for another reading. I would love to hear from others that have gone for a second reading to know if there is anything else that you can be told. Going to Jonathan brought my daughter back to me in the reading and for that I will always be grateful for. ♥

- Laura, White Stone NY