Private Readings

**New Scheduling and Prices for 2016 Listed Below**

Private readings are done both in person and via the telephone or skype, it doesn’t make a difference to Jonathan. A Private Session is approximately 30-45 minutes in duration, but may run longer depending on the information coming through. Please allot enough time to dedicate to your experience.Your session is for (1) one person. You can have additional people (during a Mediumship reading only), but please be aware that there will be an additional fee per person. It is imperative that you inform the office at the time of booking your appointment if there is going to be more than one person in the same session – this will allow Jonathan’s schedule to be planned accordingly. Taping is not permitted – however, note taking is strongly encouraged.

The waiting time for a private appointment could be upwards of six months. All calls are returned in the order they were received. Please be patient and only call back again if your contact information has been changed. When booking your appointment, please be sure to specify what type of private reading you are interested in. PSYCHIC or MEDIUMSHIP.

If you would like to book your reading immediately, just send us an E-Mail to 



Jonathan’s Private Reading Rates!

 -Psychic Reading only                                            20mins          $300.00

-Medium (or) Psychic Reading                              45mins          $450.00

-Additional person for Mediumship Reading only                    $100.00 (per person..up to 4 additional)

-Combination Mediumship/Psychic Reading     75mins           $600.00

-Groups of 5 or more people please contact the office for scheduling and rate details


Jonathan continues to open up his calendar and add more dates for private readings in 2016, making him more available to those in want of a reading. We are currently scheduling Wednesday, Thursday and Friday appointments for 2016.


 What's the difference?

Psychic Reading:

In a psychic reading, your time will be spent on what’s happening in your life now and what trends of energy you have coming up for you. Please know that Jonathan’s style of reading is not just to predict the future, but with the help of his Guides, tap into your life’s energy and help you understand some of the lessons, issues, and challenges you are dealing with. The goal is to remove blockages of energy to facilitate doing and being your personal best. Questions that are not answered during the course of your session may be presented at the end of your reading. It is advisable to prepare for your session by thinking about what areas of your life you would like to receive some Universal guidance on. (Only one person may be booked per session.)

Mediumship Reading:

In this experience, Jonathan solely focuses his energy and your time on making connections with your loved ones and friends on the Other Side. He might touch upon some of the same issues and aspects that come through during a psychic reading, but it is mostly to provide validations of our loved ones continued involvement in our lives. (Additionaly people may participate for an additional fee – but it is encouraged that they want to connect with similar energies as to not dominate your session).