About Jonathan

"Life experience is the best teacher. It is through those life experiences and trials that one can begin to understand how to help those in need.”

Unlike many exceptional intuitives, Jonathan Louis was an adult when he awoke and embraced his metaphysical journey. In fact, he was 31 years old, an established business owner and a father of four when his life took on a new and profound direction. However, looking back on his childhood, Jonathan recalls being very open to the subject matter, and definitely exhibited psychic ability. Did he see spirits of deceased relatives at his bedside? Did he hear voices from beyond? No - that would come much later, when a chance meeting with psychic John Edward would put him on his path.

As a child, Jonathan was wise beyond his years and had an uncanny ability to see and feel the depth of people’s relationships. He remembers how he would have and often give insights into subjects that most his age would never understand.

In junior high, he recalls spending most of his time with teachers and other adults, helping them address problems in their lives that no typical child would comprehend, never mind help solve. Only now can Jonathan look back at those times and understand that his spirit guides were the ones responsible for giving him the information. In their own way, they were training him for what was yet to come in his life.

After junior high, Jonathan’s path strayed from his true calling. The metaphysical world took a backseat to the typical teenage life of high school and friends in suburban Long Island, NY. Growing up in a family that was unaware of psychic or metaphysics, Jonathan was not encouraged to follow that path. After high school, Jonathan married, had a family and became a third generation builder of fine homes – an occupation that he says runs in his family genes. It would take years for this talented psychic to return to his true calling. In retrospect, like many mediums, Jonathan truly believes that he had to first experience certain situations in his life before embarking on his metaphysical journey.

After years of being involved with metaphysics and the continued study of psychic phenomena, Jonathan’s natural abilities were amplified. Although the education was powerful and at times overwhelming, his desire to help people and be true to his calling kept him on his journey. He learned to listen to his own guides more and more and began to trust the information that he received.

Jonathan has since traveled the world, reconnecting people with their loved ones and providing answers and clarity through his psychic abilities. For him, this work is a continuation of his career as a builder. He lays down the foundations for love, guidance and communication, and strengthens the structures of relationships and life paths to be their strongest and most resilient.

As a builder, Jonathan’s efforts would come to fruition months after first meeting his clients – the day they moved into their new home. For both parties, that was the pinnacle moment. Filled with compassion, humor and empathy, Jonathan now describes himself as a psychic “tool” used to build communication between people here and their loved ones no longer of the physical world – a job that brings immediate joy to his clients. There’s no better payoff than sharing the validations that life and love are eternal.